Journal: Veranstaltung

Participatory event Pratteln
On Tuesday, November 29, the 4th and final participation event on the REK (spatial development concept), which we have been working on in a team with van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau und moveing since 2020, took place in Pratteln. We are delighted with the lively participation and the exciting process that is shaping the future development of the municipality.
Public baths at La Jonction
Water outside in the pouring rain (long live the canopy!) and water hot, cold, steaming and tasting at the Bains Publics in La Jonction, Geneva this weekend. The aim of this micro-construction project was to test the use of water outside the bathing season.
Event series: One evening, two questions to...
On 27.10.2023 at 19.30 Monika Schenk & Nilufar Kahnemouyi answer the questions: What shapes you as an architect? and What do you wish for architecture? in the course of the event series "One evening, two questions to...".
Grab your swimsuits! You can find out more in the extract from the park gazette (October 2023).
If you'd like to find out what's going on at Parc de la Jonction, the article in the Courrier is a good read.
On August 24, the nature experience promenade with the Erlebnis-Hus in St. Peter-Ording was ceremoniously opened in the presence of the Minister for Youth and Family Affairs, Aminata Touré, in beautiful weather.
A few photos of the night-time micro-construction site that took place on Friday evening. Vernissage on the occasion of the Musée du Point de vue by artist Jean-Daniel Berclaz. Participants gathered around the banquet table on either side of the net.
Inauguration of the Ernst Baertschi Square
This weekend, the Ernst-Bärtschi-Platz in Kreuzlingen was inaugurated and handed over to the population, with musical accompaniment and a festival restaurant.
You are all invited to the micro site " Point de vue sur la nuit "
Opening of the Promenade St.Peter-Ording
On August 24, the promenade in St.Peter-Ording will be opened with a big party for the whole family.
On April 21, 2023, the symposium Urban & Green will take place on the topic of "Water - planning cycles and using them as a resource". The conference will take place on site and online (via Zoom).
At the closing event on October 28, Pascal Posset spoke about the process and immediate measures to upgrade the center in Wetzikon.
Cool down Zurich - Excursion
On Monday 12 September from 17.15-19.00, Pascal Posset, Gregor Fürniss and Kirsten Bachmeier will guide interested parties through the three projects Maag Areal, Gleisbogen and Müller Martini in Zurich West on the occasion of the summer event "Cool down Zurich - we cool the city".
Cool down Zürich
At the second panel discussion of the summer event "Cool down Zurich - We cool down the city" of the BSLA Regional Group Zurich, Monika Schenk, gives a presentation on the topic "Planning the climate of settlements". Sandra Knörr moderates the event together with Antonia Koukouvelou.
ELASA Meeting 2022
As a Gold Sponsor, we are pleased that the annual ELASA meeting could take place again this year and that we were also able to welcome the students in Zurich and bring them closer to the city's landscape architecture.
Architecture Day at Friedrichsfelde Zoo
On the occasion of the Day of Architecture, we together with the developer of the Friedrichsfelde Zoo, invited interested citizens and experts to get to know the newly designed Himalayan mountain landscape with its animals and plants on June 25, 2022. Highlights was the red panda, which could be marveled at close range.
Vorstellung des Projekts Parkanlage Taubenloch in Bad Tölz anlässlich der Ausstellungseröffnung der „Architektouren“ am Dienstag, den 21. Juni um 18:00 Uhr im Foyer des Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Wohnen, Bau und Verkehr in München.
Construction ceremony for the family meeting point!
Last Friday we were able to celebrate the roofing ceremony at the "Familientreffpunkt" at the Promenade St.Peter-Ording. We are pleased that the project is taking more and more shape.
Gender-sensitive planning workshop
Yesterday we had the pleasure to participate in a workshop on gender-sensitive planning organized by the organization LARES. This started with an interactive introduction and professional inputs and was deepened with a walk along practical examples in the public space of Zurich West.
City walk on the theme of humanity
On the third city walk on the topic of people, city psychologist Alice Hollenstein led us in beautiful spring weather to Glattpark, through Leutschenpark, the Inner Garden to the Hunzikerareal. There was a lively discussion about outdoor spaces, first floor uses, human scales, user requirements and participation.
Completion of new Himalaya area in Tierpark Berlin
We are proud and happy to celebrate not only our 10th anniversary, but also the completion of the new Himalayan area at Tierpark Berlin together with Zoo Director, Finance Senator, Snow Leopard and President of NABU.
City walk on the theme of people
On the second city walk on the topic of people, social scientist Cornelia Alb led us on the last mild autumn days to Europaallee and across Negrellisteg to the roof terrace of the Zollhaus. We learned many exciting things about the mix of uses, the migration of the blue-winged sand fly to the rooftops, and about cooperative living.
Stadtspaziergang zum zweiten Magazin «Menschen»
Wir durften gemeinsam mit Anne-Marie Lerjen (Spaziergangskünstlerin) unseren ersten Stadtspaziergang in Zürich unternehmen. Der Spaziergang setzte sich mit der Frage auseinander, wie eine Null-Emissionen-Stadt im Jahre 2030 aussehen könnte. Der Spaziergang bildet somit den Übergang zu unserem nächsten Magazin, dass dem Thema «Mensch» gewidmet ist.
Parks an der Pointe de la Jonction - Letzter partizipativer Workshop
Der letzte partizipative Workshop für die Mitgestaltung des Parks an der Pointe de la Jonction in Genf fand am 31. Juli statt. In den vier Workshops haben wir die Themen Vegetation, Baden und die Beziehung zum Wasser, Nutzung, Verschmutzung und Ressourcenmanagement sowie die Zukunft der Gebäude diskutiert. Am 31. August wird eine öffentliche Veranstaltung stattfinden, um über den Beteiligungsprozess zu berichten.
Ceremonial unveiling in the Berlin Zoo
Last week, the new entrance gate to the new themed world, the Asian high mountains, was ceremonially unveiled. During a subsequent tour of the construction site, the Senator of Finance, Dr. Matthias Kollatz, was given an initial insight into the process of creating the new geographical zone, which visitors will be able to admire as early as spring 2022.
Workshop - Parc de La Jonction
Der zweite partizipative Workshop zur Mitgestaltung des Parks an der Pointe de la Jonction fand diesen Samstag im Projekthaus statt. Der Fokus lag auf der dem Thema Hydrologie und Schwimmen. Das Modell war eine hervorragende Unterstützung für den Austausch und die Auseinandersetzung. Der 3. Workshop findet am 17. Juli statt. Wir werden das Thema Standortprogramm und Akustik besprechen. Zögern Sie nicht, sich uns anzuschliessen!
Parc de la Jonction - Geneva
Der Startschuss für die Bürgerbeteiligung ist am Samstag, 15. Mai, gefallen. Das Projekthaus wurde eingeweiht und die Park-Gazette verteilt. Für weitere Informationen, finden Sie untenstehend die Park Gazette Nr. 1. Zur Anmeldung für die partizipativen Workshops, die am 5. und 19. Juni und 17. und 31. Juli stattfinden, finden sie untenstehend den Internet-Link.
The redesign of the Taubenloch in Bad Tölz, an inner-city park directly on the banks of the Isar, is nearing completion. In accordance with the concept for the park, local boulders are distributed as seating. In the entrance area, near Säggasse, a particularly large erratic block has now been positioned as an eye-catcher.
Eröffnung The Circle
Am 5. November 2020 wurde das Dienstleistungszentrum The Circle feierlich eröffnet. Wir durften mit Riken Yamamoto Architekten den an die Gebäude angrenzenden Aussenbereich gestalten und freuen uns das dieser nun von den Mietern und Besuchern erlebt werden kann.
Train Station St.Gallen - Opening
The new train station and train station square in St.Gallen were officially opened with a large, two-day festival. The final work to the north of the tracks is currently taking place.
New Hinterrhein Bridge in Reichenau Inaugurated
“Sora giuvna,” the RhB’s new steel bridge over the Hinterrhein, was festively inaugurated under bright sunshine on October 18, 2018. Thanks to the newly designed slope, the elegant “younger sister” of the historical truss bridge fits perfectly into its surroundings. The bridge was opened for rail traffic at the beginning of November.
Opening of Eigerplatz Bern
The handover of Eigerplatz to the population of the city of Bern took place in connection with car-free Sunday. The newly designed square has been welcomed with great interest.
The Opening of the Helmut Zilk Park Vienna
After 6 years of planning and construction, the Helmut-Zilk-Park opened at Vienna’s main train station.
Reopening of the St.Gallen Train Station Square
Since October 2, 2017, buses and post vehicles have once again been able to drive over the newly designed bus station. Construction work on the areas of the square and the planting of trees are now still pending.
14th Zurich Architect Soccer Tournament
On Saturday, July 8, 2017, the Hager Partner AG team battled for victory along with 31 other soccer teams from the field of architecture.
Nachhaltigkeitsforum 2016 - 'Grüne Dichte' Rotkreuz
Auf dem Nachhaltigkeitsforum 2016 der Zug Estates Holding AG wird Pascal Posset zum Thema 'Grüne Dichte' am Beispiel des Suurstoffi Areals sprechen. Weitere Fachreferenten sind Günther Vogt und Raphael Schmidt. Donnerstag, 15.09.2016, 17 Uhr, auf dem Areal Suurstoffi beim Bahnhof Rotkreuz, Gebäude Suurstoffi 12
Tour ‘Gartenjahr 2016’, Grabenpärkli St.Gallen
Tours in connection with the ‘Gartenjahr 2016’ (Year of the Garden) have already begun, and gardens can still be visited until the end of October 2016. On Saturday May 21, 2016, starting at 1 p.m., it is our pleasure to lead visitors through the redesigned Grabenpärkli of the city of St.Gallen. More information available at:
Residential Tower Zellweger Park Uster
In mid-September 2015, it was possible to inaugurate the residential tower by Herzog de Meuron Architekten. Our outdoor area reflects the interface between the apartments and the in part near-natural surroundings with the ponds, a component of the powerful office buildings of the 1970s.
Workshop „Planning in a Garden Monument“ Herzogingarten Dresden
In the heart of Dresden, next to the world-famous Zwinger, lies the site of the Herzogingarten (duchess’ garden) with its colorful history from the 16th century until its destruction in World War II. Prof. Dr. Marcus Köhler and Prof. Thomas Will have organized a student workshop, for which Guido Hager will provide his expertise.