Nightly micro-construction site

A few photos of the night-time micro-construction site that took place on Friday evening. Vernissage on the occasion of the Musée du Point de vue by artist Jean-Daniel Berclaz. Participants gathered around the banquet table on either side of the net.

Florence Colace, head of lighting at the City of Geneva, answered questions and Loren Manceaux of the Centre de Coordination Ouest pour l'étude et la protection des Chauves-souris de Genève (CCO-GE) took us into the dark to hear the bats. This first micro-site drew attention to the black screen and will provide food for thought for the contractors (uniola and LEA Lighting) in their lighting proposals.

Micro-site commissioned by the city of Geneva, organized by Uniola/Berthet & Post.

Photos: ©Thibaut Fuks

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