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What does building gardens for our fast-paced society of today involve?

At our five locations in Zurich, Geneva, Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich we work on complex and interdisciplinary projects. Our activities cover the entire spectrum of landscape architecture. We offer a creative and pleasant working environment in a well-coordinated team. Our office culture enables individual development opportunities through targeted internal and external training, interdisciplinary exchange and regular excursions.

Good reasons to join the Uniola team

Creative work
Live out your creative streak and bring your ideas into the project work. Ideas are in demand!
Committed team
You will be given a place in a multi-faceted team that works together to plan and implement customized, smart and individual solutions in the open space.
As a future-oriented landscape architecture firm, we live the digital world and have concrete visions and plans for the future.
Further training opportunities
We live the culture of continuous education, be it personal or professional, be it in-house at our own events or off-site.
Everyone has the chance to develop in any position, we do not make any distinctions in terms of gender or nationality; only your commitment counts.
Individual responsibility
We encourage independent work in all areas, but you will always have a team around you to support you.
As one of Europe's leading landscape architecture firms, we are fortunate to be able to work on exciting projects of any size, taking advantage of our various business areas and branches both at home and abroad.
Secure workplace
You can expect a secure job in an economically sound company that is well equipped for the challenges ahead.

Voices employees

« Not resting on laurels, but always looking for high design quality with added value for nature and the environment in every project - that's what Uniola AG means to me!»
Kirsten Bachmeier
« The office common areas and team building establish relationships that go beyond the job. You meet very interesting people and you always find a smile, always find help and most importantly always find a team.»
Miguel Sanchez
« The projects are so versatile that even after many years of voiceing as a landscape architect, there is always something exciting and you learn something new.»
Yvonne Fischer
« Each and everyone of us has a very high degree of responsibility and a great deal of creative freedom in our project voice. At the same time, there is always someone you can ask if things get stuck. That's a wonderful mix for me.»
Anna Buchwald
« The voiceing atmosphere and the tone at Uniola is very pleasant. I appreciate the voicerooms with small groups of between two and four people, which promote professional as well as social exchange.»Oliver Bütikofer
« The office encourages and supports employees to develop their own skills, be it on landscape architectural, planning or technological interests. To always be on a top level.»
Désirée Akermann
« The interactions within the team and within the office create a good atmosphere in which people enjoy voiceing.»
Eva Kreileder
« The voiceing atmosphere is perceived positively throughout. Great team spirit among each other: We're all in the same boat and you can feel that. People help each other out. The family atmosphere and the opportunity to talk to everyone is very good.»
« There are many occasions (excursions, team events, celebrations, organized events), internal and external training opportunities and their active promotion, goodies, coffee, tea, fruits....»
« The voiceing environment is very good compared to other offices and also at a very high level. The office is generally transparent about information.»
« Flexible voiceing hours, opportunity for home office, personal responsibility for projects, commitment to future topics, events on the topic of people»

Berlin Office

As an addition to our team in Berlin we are looking for

Projektbearbeiter/in Landschaftsarchitektur


PraktikantIn oder WerkstudentIn für Objektplanung Freianlagen

Mitarbeiter*in für blau-grüne Infrastrukturen / Schwammstadtprinzip

erfahrene/r Projektleiter/in für Grossprojekte

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Geneva Office

As an addition to our team in Genève we are looking for


Pour notre antenne à Genève, nous recherchons une, un/une dessinateur/trice.


Pour notre antenne à Genève, nous recherchons une, un stagaire.
We look forward to receiving your detailed application to

Munich Office

As an addition to our team in München we are looking for


Objektüberwacher/in mit 10-15+ Jahren Berufserfahrung

Objektüberwacher/in mit 3-5 Jahren Berufserfahrung

erfahrene Projektleiter/in 80-100%

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Stuttgart Office

As an addition to our team in Stuttgart we are looking for



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Zurich Office

As an addition to our team in Zürich we are looking for

Zeichner:in EFZ Fachrichtung Landschaftsarchitektur


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