Thurgauerstrasse District Park

A loose structure of trees that again and again offers views of the surrounding urban spaces frames the central clearing in the new district park. A striking, spacious entrance area anchors the park on Thurgauerstrasse.

In the new district park, a framework of indigenous trees of various densities defines a central, open park clearing. Our design arranges the trees in the area of the existing and new residential areas in loose way so that views in and out are possible again and again. Two paths link the park entrance with the new public district square at the “Altes Schützenhaus,” which rises up from the park clearing as a flat plateau. The framework of trees opens up on Thurgauerstrasse and forms a spacious entrance area that anchors the park on this important urban thoroughfare. In the meadow at the entrance area, a retention area for the seepage of rainwater is situated at the deepest point in the park. We thus stage the important park element of water and enable everyone to experience it.

We are convinced that the simple basic framework of the park ensures that all social groups can use it in diverse and flexible ways. The concrete design and utilization are determined by a participation process, which has been given a striking event location with the Altes Schützenhaus. The new park can be designed and brought to life on the meadow in cooperation with concerned and interested citizens.

The interplay between the spatial framework and variable areas plays a central role in the participation process. The basic park structure includes trees, paths, topography, a lawn for field sports, the Altes Schützenhaus, the traffic-calmed Grubenackerstrasse, and the meadow with the retention area on Thurgauerstrasse. The variable areas are the spaces whose use and design can also be developed further by users once the park has opened. The participation process, which has taken place within the framework of multiple rounds of discussions, is accompanied by the municipal administration.

  • Grün Stadt Zürich
Project Data
  • Competition 2018, 1st prize
  • Planning since 2019
  • Area 16`460 m²
Project Team
  • raumdaten GmbH
  • Michael Emmenegger Soziale Prozesse
  • Basler & Hofmann Ingenieure AG
  • Kerst-Beratungen Ökologie

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